FAQ for Faculty

How do I see my evaluation results?

To see your results log into TRACE on myNEU’s TRACE link (found under the service & Links tab) or https://www.applyweb.com/eval/shibboleth/neu/36892. Select the Home tab drop-down window, then select My Evaluations. The screen will show you all your evaluation information on each semester from Summer 2/Full Summer 2015 going forward.

Is a hard copy of comments needed for redaction?

No. To redact the comments simply check the box on your comment report in TRACE and it will be sent for review.

How long do we have to request redactions?

Requests for redaction must be submitted within 10 business days after grades are due.

Whom should I contact when I can’t view my TRACE reports?

Contact the TRACE Administrator at TRACE@Northeastern.edu. If you class is not showing in your report, please contact your department administrator.

The myTRACE link does not appear under Services and Links in myNEU.

The myTrace link only appears for persons who are listed as faculty in HRM database . For administrators or TAs, please use the URL: https://www.applyweb.com/eval/shibboleth/neu/36892

When will the reports from the current term be available to view?

TRACE survey reports are available to faculty the evening grades are due to the Registrar.

Is it possible to confirm that students have completed the TRACE survey?

You can monitor overall student participation on the faculty landing page when you log into the myTRACE website. Individual student participation is not available due to keeping student privacy.

Is there a confirmation of survey completion that students can submit to their instructor?

Yes. Students can print out a list of their completed surveys by going to the drop-down menu under the Home tab, in the right-hand corner, and selecting My Evaluations. They will also receive an e-mail at the end of the day that will list the evaluations they completed that day.

My courses are not listed for TRACE survey.

TRACE includes courses offered in the day undergraduate or graduate programs with more than 5 students enrolled. Please e-mail your department administrator if you think your class has been omitted in error. Only classes the administrators mark for evaluation will be evaluated. If your class is under 5 students and not cross-listed, it will not be evaluated due to policy for keeping student privacy.

What are the administration dates for TRACE?

The dates for TRACE administration will be sent to the faculty/instructor attached to the course by e-mail each term.

Do students have access to TRACE survey results before grades are posted?

No. Trace survey results are not released for students to view until the following semester.

Is there any way to view qualitative reports?

All TRACE reports include qualitative responses unless a faculty member is trying to view comments for another faculty member.

Do I have access to a ‘Director Report’ on all the classes in my department?

Deans, department chairs, and other administrators granted access can view TRACE reports for their units through the URL: https://www.applyweb.com/eval/shibboleth/neu/36892. Departments should be able to give access to new staff if needed, please see FAQs for Administrators if this is needed.

My class ends early. Can TRACE be administered earlier than the standard opening date?

Please contact the TRACE administrator at TRACE@northeastern.edu at the start of the semester for assistance.